Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Well, it's winter now.

Cold weather has Worrals very glad of her little jacket, now she waits obediently to have it put on and tied up.  I have a selection of cats vying for lying on top of the hot water bottle or inside with me at night. The fire is going all day now and is also a much desired venue. 
Worrals didn't need her jacket in this one, it was toasty in the room. Below however is another favourite spot of hers, on my arm, on her back.

Snuggling together is always popular, and Jasper is very tolerant of a little sister under his chin

I love this one where Merlin is holding Jasper's hand:

Merlin likes to pat hands and faces and reach out to hold while he falls asleep!

Biff would like you to know that he isn't feeling photogenic, all this cold damp weather plays merry hell with a fellow's rheumatics and he isn't in the mood.
Fenella however is in one of her favourite spots a lot of the day, sprawled on the linen basket, all unnecessary and relaxed. 

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