Saturday, 31 December 2011

GREAT NEWS! Tabitha Tabs is published!

'Tabitha Tabs the Farm Kitten' a fun and educational children's book, is now available on Amazon and may be found by clicking on the picture of it in the sidebar!
Tabitha Tabs is aimed at the 7-8 year old reader to read for themselves and may be enjoyed by younger children who need it read to them.  The stories aim to educate as well as entertain, introducing children to wildlife and the countryside and all the wonders of nature seen through the eyes of an inquisitive kitten, encountering for the first time such things as metamorphosis of frogs and dragonflies.  The dangers of disobedience are also explored when Tabitha has a close encounter with a fox, and falls in a tank of oil.

I am hoping to be able to bring out associated educational material like 'what to look for in spring/summer/autumn/winter with Tabitha Tabs' and 'what to do with Tabitha Tabs' with such projects as making a simple kite, pom-pom chicks, leaf rubbings and what you can do with them and so on.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Brothers are there to be washed.

.....And sisters are there to do the washing. Most washing is done by Rebel who has a very busy tongue ready to deal with any brother's dirty ears.

This is not to say that Worrals won't lend a hand, er tongue, because she does.....

And as usual it is Merlin who is the main target of his sisters - possibly because they are really his sisters and not just by adoption.....
Note the careful stranglehold Rebel has on Merlin to make sure he stays put.  Mostly he submits to being washed.  Sometimes however he protests.......

Monday, 19 December 2011

It's chilly.....

I thought I'd managed to accidentally delete a pic of Biff being unwontedly photogenic but I found it!  He and Fenella are happy to sleep cheek to cheek as you might say when it gets cold enough......
Worrals comes to have her little jacket put on in the morning - she spends most of the night in the bed with me or on top of the hotwaterbottle on top of the bed - and thinks herself very stylish.
life is a bit of a yawn at times however....

The kitties are still inspecting their hedgehog who is still awake; they helpfully knocked his tub of mealyworms all over the floor.  I had to pick them up.  I'm not really squeamish and they are dead but......
Merlin says we should get a dog to blame such things on.

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

All snuggled up

It's that time of year when cats like to pile up together in random piles.  This is a gratuitous excuse to show cuddled cats.
Worrals always manages to be unnecessary...
Jasper sandwich!
right before they woke up and started washing each other
I love little sister, her coat is so warm
for a bonus point, map all kitties and determine where one leaves off and the next starts
there was intermittent washing going on here

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Well, it's winter now.

Cold weather has Worrals very glad of her little jacket, now she waits obediently to have it put on and tied up.  I have a selection of cats vying for lying on top of the hot water bottle or inside with me at night. The fire is going all day now and is also a much desired venue. 
Worrals didn't need her jacket in this one, it was toasty in the room. Below however is another favourite spot of hers, on my arm, on her back.

Snuggling together is always popular, and Jasper is very tolerant of a little sister under his chin

I love this one where Merlin is holding Jasper's hand:

Merlin likes to pat hands and faces and reach out to hold while he falls asleep!

Biff would like you to know that he isn't feeling photogenic, all this cold damp weather plays merry hell with a fellow's rheumatics and he isn't in the mood.
Fenella however is in one of her favourite spots a lot of the day, sprawled on the linen basket, all unnecessary and relaxed. 

Friday, 2 December 2011

Abandoned Cats - very small kittens

I've been reading a post at Emma's blog [and she's kindly posted the reply I made] and obviously the thing to do with abandoned cats is to take them to a shelter if you can, unless you plan to adopt! however if you find yourself lumbered with very small kittens it is imperative to realise that they cannot pee or crap without a bit of help.
After feeding with a dropper, dolly's bottle, syringe or dedicated feeding bottle [there are a variety of formula mils for kitties at pet stores and the vet, and at a pinch I have used SMA] it is imperative to stimulate micturition and defecation by holding kitty on her back in one hand and using a piece of damp towel to simulate mum's rough tongue rubbing down the belly towards the tail.  Kitty should obediently produce. Mummy cat eats this or washes it away - just wash it off with your damp towel and use a clean piece for the next kitty.
Remember new kitties must be fed and toileted every 2 hours round the clock.  It is GRUELLING - but rewarding! after a week or so you can drop to every 4 hours.
2 week kitties
At 3 weeks you can begin to introduce solid food though the kittens shouldn't be fully weaned before about 6 weeks [one reason poor Worrals has sucking issues having been abandoned by mummy at 4 weeks].  When given a feed, solid or bottle, you can then try introducing kitty to a litter tray.  For little delicate toes, sawdust might prove a better incentive than granular litter.   If nothing is forthcoming, continue to use the method of stimulating with a damp towel.  They should however soon get the idea.
4 week old kitties
Our kitties were happily producing at 4 weeks old in the litter, which made life easier and were perforce more weaned than ideal.  I continued feeding with formula milk for the next 3 weeks as well however.