Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Worrals feels the cold....

Worrals IS made of silly putty; this was also pretty much the position I discovered her sleeping under my duvet in bed this morning, all unnecessary on her back.

I've noticed when I take Worrals out for a walk on her little harness she very quickly starts shivering - and can do so indoors too before the fire is lit.
She does like being under a duvet on the sofa:
She likes less being under a duvet under Biff:
Can you see a jaundiced little face peeping out wondering what this big fat lump is on top of her?  Biff is perfectly contented here, a kitty is where it's supposed to be, crushed beneath his iron boot....well, bum anyway, which at least begins with the same letter, innit.

So I've made her a little quilted jacket.  As you can see she was a little suspicious of it at first, those ears are a trifle antsy:

And then she realised it was warm and got a lot happier:

When the fire is lit she's quite happy to charge about and Look! she Found The Green Tickler!

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