Sunday, 27 November 2011

we still have a hedgehog in the bath but I think he's a knarl.....

Anyone familiar with the world of Harry Potter knows that you can sort hedgehogs from knarls by offering food or milk - hedgehogs tuck in and knarls display deep suspicion.
Barty is deeply suspicious and hisses like a steaming kettle.  He does tuck in however when he thinks nobody is noticing. 
So, wanting a bath, we take his big cardboad run out of the bath and put it in the bedroom.  When we emerge it it to find a hole in the corner where Barty has been doing Charles Bronson as Danny the Digger impressions and no hedgehog.  Fortunately Rebel, who takes her duties towards 'her' hedgehog very seriously is squeaking plaintively and showing us the big clothes press.  Look, she said My Hedgehog is Lost.  What Are You Going To Do About It?  Sure enough, the sounds of an irritated tea kettle are issuing from beneath it.  [Does he think he's a badger or something?  I believe it's badgers who can change into tea kettles in Japanese mythology]. 
Fortunately I can just get my arm underneath the press.  By the expedient of lying flat on the floor I can even reach to the back.  There's a plug box lives under here too and part of my mind is thinking 'please don't pee in the electrics Barty, fried hedgehog and a fire hazard I can do without'.
So, with Rebel's encouragement, giving me little p'rr'ps and getting in the way I get four fingers underneath Barty's belly [and by the way he is very prickly] and jiffle him backwards somewhere between tickling him into submission and bowling a googly backhanded.  Apart from having found some of the fluff and cobwebs Merlin has missed he seemed none the worse for his adventure and I left him stuffing his face after having done things to his box with a load of duct tape.Rebel resumes her usual perch on top of the 'hut' bit of his house dangling over to watch, purring in satisfaction that all is now in ordnung again.
So is he a knarl? 
 Worrals and Merlin had to inspect him too of course, but there's no question but that he belongs to Rebel - she said so.

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