Tuesday, 15 November 2011

We have a hedgehog in the bath

You may ask, as the kitties did, why do we have a hedgehog in the bath?
Because he's a bit dippy as well as marginal in being big enough to hibernate.  We have a walled garden and take on disabled rescued hedgehogs; we already have blind Cecily and one-eyed Mary-Anne; this is a little boy, named promptly Bartimeus because I was raised on Bible stories.  In Harry Potter reference however, he is a bit of a Barty GROUCH. 
what actually tickles me is how close this photo is to the picture I drew for one of the Tabitha Tabs stories.....
While I'm here, I'd like to advertise Ros Rumbold, who runs Hedgehog rescue, Ipswich.
Ipswich Hedgehog Rescue

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