Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Merlin has been BRAVE

Merlin now no longer has balls.
He was a brave boy although he called the vetinary nurses a few rude names.  When he was back in our friend's car, I opened the cage and he leaped straight into my arms to kiss me left and kiss me  right.  I was very pleased, because a Russian Blue is takes their time to give trust and I was afraid of damaging that.  However he obviously decided 'they' had made his bum sore and 'we' were rescuing him.....  they warned us that his appetite might suffer.
First thing he did when we got him home was to go to the kitchen and ask for chicken......

With apologies to Alexander Pope:

Brave Merlin, pard of virtuous velvet paw
who brav'd the steel of vetinary lore
victorious comes to take his rightful place
within the last bright beams of Apollo's face
where filled with virtue [and with chicken too]
he might forget it's sore to use the loo. 

And here are some more Merlin pics.  First may I share the very silly one of Merlin with Biff - yes BIFF!!! having slung himself backward and showed Biff his throat.  I don't think he was submitting to Biff so much as just being Merlin tossing himself enthusiastically into a silly position.

Merlin is glad to be back with his sisters too:

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  1. these are really cute pictures!!!