Friday, 4 November 2011

Just Jasper

Poor Jasper is pantophobic. 
He really is afraid of his own shadow, though with his brother Biff around he’s good to stand up to most threats, like a really aggressive leaf falling off a tree.

Funnily enough though he’s adapted to the kitties best and is tolerant of being slept against and even on bless him.  He took a while to get to know the elderly Persian we took in, Griselda, but he did take to her in the end and actually slept snuggled up to her on my lap while she was dying.  I’ve never known a cat to do that before. He was afraid at first of her big staring owl eyes, but he became reconciled enough. and when she was dying he came and lay down beside her and gently washed her.  He has never taken to Fenella in the same way, but he seems to equate our little grey Merlin with his lost grey friend because he’s gentle and cuddly with him. Who knows what goes on in his little pussy mind…..

. Jasper is very sensitive to mood and comes to give me a cuddle if I’m low.  A very special little cat.

We took Jasper because he was reckoned at the shelter to be too wild to home.  Well, claustrophobia in the cages might have had something to do with that.  His nickname is Mr Softee which gives some idea of how wild he is.  And he has a big fluffy white tummy.  He was a poor skinny creature when we first took him in, but he soon filled out.  A bit too much for a while….

His other nickname is Mr Woo because it’s the sound he makes ‘woo?’ when he comes in.  He also prootles, which is the only way I can describe his flute-like purry noises. In the morning he lands on me with a ‘woooo!’ to tell me that it’s time for breakfast but not until he has had his ears done.  He has recently had the shock of landing on a duvet that wriggles and turns out to be inhabited by Worrals or Merlin [and once, shock horror by both] which he finds disconcerting. 
Jasper likes to kiss, but very coyly, looking away before he butts.  And he just loves to sit on my lap. 
He likes less being washed by Rebel but he puts up with her sitting on him to do just that......She's a little exaggerated in size by the wide angle lens in the pic below. 

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