Wednesday, 19 October 2011

What's new, pussycat....

Biff finally has decided that life is too short and the evenings are too cold to continue to boycott kittens.  He woke up evening before yesterday to find they were sprawled upon his back and bum and beyond a brief burst of invective he did nothing but go back to sleep.  They were nice and warm....alas the camera was on charge which is what comes of loaning one's son the spare batteries for a couple of weeks two years ago.
However he did join them on the bed yesterday.....not close too, but it's a start.

Merlin's balls have been whispering to him, telling him to mount his sisters.  Fortunately the instructions haven't been any more specific than that and once up he's not too sure what to do next.  Which being so, he generally falls off and washes thoroughly.   The girls are mostly irritated by this so he gets his ears boxed.  He does however now think he might be in charge until Worrals holds him down and washes him.  Roll on November 9th when we shan't have any more worries about his incipient maleness.

The rest of this post is a gratuitous excuse to share some photos.

The girls are helping me with my sewing here.  I got tired of my curtains which are also rather thin so I'm transforming them and adding layers by covering them with crazy patchwork in three greys, black, rust and peach which are in a kind of Renaissance pattern on a number of furnishing samples I have as the basis.  Worrals is a good girl and jumped back when told 'No, HOT!' about the iron; Rebel is a bad girl and tries to eat pins or pat at the needle while I sew.  Here they are holding the curtain down so I can't do anything dangerous to it.

have you ever seen anything dafter than this? oh wait, the one below.....
 And just to finish with, Merlin off exploring.......

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