Monday, 10 October 2011

Wanderings with Worrals

Worrals is definitely made of sillyputty.
When picked up she goes all limp and unnecessary like a Ragdoll cat and can be poured out of your hands back onto a cushion almost as though she were completely boneless. 
She also sleeps in the silliest positions that she almost has to be made of silly putty to get into.

She has a significant amount of the personality of her Russian Blue forebears; she is gentle, loving, yet very shy with strangers, and has a penchant for gently patting and stroking our faces with a velvet paw.
She also has pads that are almost lilac like her brother.

Worrals likes to suck clothing, preferably either cotton jersey or velvet.  This, poor little article, is on account no doubt, of having lost contact with her mother at so young an age.  She and Rebel were considerably smaller than the other 4 kitties when we took them on so I’m inclined to suspect they may too have been conceived later and were slightly premature.  They looked less developed too for the first week or two. 

Worrals likes to climb.  The more inconvenient to people around her the article she is climbing, the better she likes it.  Her favourite is the door curtain which she will swarm up and then dive-bomb her siblings from half way up it.  I have yet to tell my son that she climbed his leather Herr Flick coat to get to the top of the coat rack.

Worrals is  certain of one thing. She is in charge.  She is the one who initiates washing with the other two and she likes to lie on them.  As she is generally an adventuress who likes to lead them into trouble, they put up with it. 

She is however very distressed if she is not sure where we are, and comes running to find us going ‘WEEEEEEE’ like a guinea pig.  When we had an enlarged hatch to the loft put in she got very distressed when I went to inspect it and declared that The Hole Was Eating Mummy. 
She sat on a chair gazing at it suspiciously all night the first night it was there…..
Generally the piercing ‘WEEEEEE’ means ‘I am about to jump on you, wake up and let me down the duvet’.
Compliance is the easiest course, though when she then wants to suck my nightie, not always as comfortable as might be…. She makes a lovely little hot water bottle though, curled up against me!

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