Sunday, 16 October 2011

Update on all the kitties

Fenella is quite back to normal after her ordeal and doesn't see what the fuss is all about.

Worrals discovered an old catnip pillow I bought for Jasper a long time ago that he proceeded to ignore; Worrals and Rebel particularly get a lot of mileage out of it, tossing it in the air and juggling it with their front paws. They did let Merlin have a go today but his idea of playing with it is to hold it on his tummy while he writhes on his back.  The girls got so excited by the whole business they were doing Bruce Lee impressions, jumping in the air and performing karate kicks at each other.  I was too intrigued to run for the camera.....
Besides, I hadn't cleared away the debris of their overnight endeavours.
We have brought the tortoises in for the winter and they live in a box of hay under the end of the bed, as out bedroom is unheated and provides about the same temperature as a well insulated garden shed.  It only dropped below freezing once last winter and we had insulated the tortoises well.  The hay is of great fascination to all the kittens, especially Merlin who likes to attack stray strands and kill them firmly.  The tortoises themselves are to be wary of - stones that move are not necessarily safe - but the hay rustles beautifully when you jump in it.
Hence I have to deal with bits of hay spread about the bedroom.......
Their scratching post lives in the bedroom too, I made it to go in the bath when we had 6 kitties in the bathroom, to give them a bit more to play with, it's a 3' length of sycamore nailed to a board, with a cottonreel hung from the projecting branch I left on it.
Sycamore in England is the Acer pseudoplatanus, a maple, not the American sycamore which is a plane tree of some description.  It's a nice dense wood that they can't hurt themselves on or chew splinters off, which is why it's good to make wooden spoons with.

Biff reckons he'll get on better with Kitties when [a] Merlin doesn't smell so male and [b] all of them have stopped being so Suddenly.

Jasper and Fenella have both had tummy upsets which made them a little unwilling to associate with kitties for a few days - Jasper retired to my underwear drawer and Fenella to the banisters where I hang the extra duvets and blankets to air before they go out for the winter, perfect for cats to kip on - but both are now back in fine fettle and would like to thank their friends and fans for their concern.

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