Sunday, 16 October 2011

Remarking on Rebel

Rebel is not perhaps as well photographed as the others, except when asleep, largely because she tends to be unexpectedly elsewhere between depressing the shutter and the camera firing.  I have lots of pictures with bits of her in – usually her tail – as she heads somewhere else. The phrase, ‘that’s Rebel that was’ suits her very well.

Rebel loves to go outside on her little harness and lead and chase insects; she has an affinity for water.  Today she dragged my long suffering husband through the wildlife bog by leaping firmly and landing in the little pond whilst in hot pursuit of a blackbird.  She normally finds a puddle or one of the ponds to land in when in pursuit of insects and then walks about, shaking each wet foot in fastidious horror that she should be wet.
She regularly inspects us in the bath and has fallen in twice; she really cannot credit that her humans would immerse themselves in y’actual real, genuine wet water.  Of their own accord.  Voluntarily.  She sits precariously on the side of the bath chatting away – she’s very vocal – in disapproval over the whole business.  The first time she fell in was a lack of attention walking round the bath and a slippy bit where the side was wet; the second time was when she lost concentration because there was a spider she had to jump for…..

Rebel likes spiders. But only in a culinary sense.
The other evening she was climbing round the back of my neck, and I thought ‘she’s being unusually affectionate’ – Rebel isn’t cuddly like Merlin and Worrals are – but no.  She was being affectionately involved in pursuing a harvest spider that was walking daintily across my plait.  Soon horrid crunching noises were to be heard in my ear as she sat on my shoulder and out of the corner of my eye I could see legs disappearing within. 
I’ve never known a black cat that was not a demon hunter/huntress. 

Rebel has a preference for male company and will sit on my husband’s lap or that of a male friend, on Jasper and on Biff.  Jasper tolerates this but Biff clips her round the ear and informs her that kittens should be seen and not heard and that at a distance.  Rebel rather burned her boats with Biff by forgetting herself when she was about 8 weeks and savaged his tail.  Biff has not forgotten this and nor has he forgiven it.  I can’t say I really blame him….

Rebel has the characteristic shyness with strangers, that comes with the Russian blue blood, but she is more adventurous than her siblings and will explore new things more readily.  She was the tiniest kitten of all but she has grown to be the heaviest of the three we have, a more compact shaped cat than either. 
She is now a sleek black panther and no longer looks at all like a fruit bat. 

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