Monday, 3 October 2011

Mostly Merlin

Mostly Merlin

Merlin is made of plush.
He really is…. He feels like a high quality pre-war plush toy.  It’s to do with his Russian Blue heritage and those long silvery guard hairs I guess; and he is a very affectionate little cat!
It is another feature of the Russian Blue that they like to pat your face with velvet paws [and his pads are violet, so sweet!] which Merlin does; and he also is the world’s champion kisser! 
There I am, lying in bed, and up he comes, straight under my chin to kiss me left and kiss me right and then almost fall over into a curled up pile of ecstatic purr.  I’m less enamoured of having my eyelids washed when he wants me to wake up and take notice of him though; and having the inside of my ear washed by a happily purring bundle of plush is sweet but really very ticklesome.

I suppose he likes to wash me because he spends a lot of time being firmly washed by his sisters…. In revenge he leans on them or lies on top of them to sleep.

Merlin is due for the unkindest cut in November but he has discovered in the meantime He Has Balls! Which he kindly reverses to show anyone who might be interested.
“Look!  I have balls!  I don’t know what to do with them yet, but aren’t they magnificent?”
He also loves to show off his tummy and sleeps quite voluptuously with his paws outflung.   

One of which pics I had to tinker with…… I like to think it would annoy Hitler, who didn't like cats.  Stupid man......

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