Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween update

There have to be cats on Halloween, it's obligatory. 
So here are a few having fun just as an excuse to post kitty pics

Worrals seems to have got herself into most of these, but then if there's anything going on Worrals gets herself into it.  Rebel would like her fans to know that she does NOT like helicopters: the police 'copter went over low when they were out for a constitutional and she twitched her lead out of my husband's hand and lit off for indoors at light speed.  Merlin thought it was a bird [or dinosaur] and swore at it, claiming Catch It He Could and Worrals, unmoved, continued eating grass.
They love to sit on the windowsill watching the dinosaurs [or birds] in the trees and promising the birds [or dinosaurs] What Will Happen when kitties are allowed out.

Biff, Jasper and Fenella are not impressed with impending winter and Biff complained today that someone had actually delivered October weather in October. 

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