Sunday, 25 September 2011

Highlighting Kitties

Highlighting kitties

Three half grown kitten-cats is what we have now, 14 weeks old, and already looking like little cats.
I have to say that having six snarling, spitting balls of fluff, five of whose six ends were pointy, was an interesting experience and not one to willingly repeat.  Poor little things, they were terrified out of their lives having been abandoned by mum, and never having seen humans before.  It was a triumph to get to the point when three could return to the shelter with every reasonable expectation of getting a good home and not tagged as vicious. 
We took on two, then another two, then another two over a couple of weeks to make socialising them easier, and took the two runts first to build them up, Rebel and Worrals.  They soon adapted to being in a home! We kept the lot of them in the bathroom at first in order to more easily clean up any accidents – and to give them an enclosed space. 
It wasn’t long before having to field escaping kitties…..Rebel, true to form, tried first, followed by Worrals.  Rebel also discovered sitting on shoulders first like a living zibellino.
Sorry, my Renaissance roots are hanging out – it’s an Italian term for a tippet made from a whole marten or mink, with a stuffed head often with jewelled eyes, a fairly loathsome accessory.  Living purring zibellini with jewelled living eyes are much better…. [like the re-mastered picture of Wolsey I did over on the other blog with cats all over him]

Poor Merlin took longer to do anything but hide in my towel box or to say anything but ‘tish’ whenever he was picked up; he still says it to any stranger in his home, or those he doesn’t know very well. The first day he shyly approached me for caresses and purred tentatively at me was wonderful

The litter were born riddled with worms, and when Rebel brought up a wriggling pile I had never seen such an extreme case in all my years with cats.  She was still under half a kilo, but there was no choice but to give her a worming pill; the other two were just about on weight so I did the lot, and they’ve never looked back.
By the way it is possible to catch worms from kittens that full of them.  It’s not pleasant but quickly and easily dealt with by a foul tasting pill that has to be sucked to death.  It's a very good idea even if you only suspect the possibility to go to the doctor for a prophylactic dose - threadworms can cause blindness in humans.

Merlin may still be shy with strangers but all the kitties are loving and friendly and though Biff doesn’t like them, Jasper and Fenella are very tolerant.

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