Thursday, 29 March 2018

Sorry it's been so long

Ill health including Australian flu and problems with medications have had me very dilatory; haven't even mentioned the two babies who came in November.  Pussy Willow, a grey tabby who had a broken pelvis and so will be expected to have mobility problems, and Hazel Catkin, who was going to another lady who bottled out at the last minute.
All cats are fit and health, but Cecil had to have a lion cut because we couldn't comb him daily during the flu, and he knitted too many bits of cardboard into his fur.  He has been wearing a sweater in the coldest weather.

Hazel Catkin [above] and Pussy Willow [below] when they first arrived

they love to play!
Kelly, Ace, Worrals and Willow in a cuddle puddle

Cecil's sweater

Polly and Piper enjoy the sun

couldn't resist this silly one


It took Worrals a little while to get used to a sweater, but when she did, she loved it

Add captionTom, Leo is on the computer chair behind him, it's his, he assembled it when it came [and duly shredded bits of it]

the amazing three headed cat aka Kelly sits on Ace and Cecil and barely in shot, Worrals and Dora


Ler me see, it's Ace and Piper on cat storage, Rebel IN cat storage, Willow and Hazel on the cushion and Gypsy in pole position on the bed on the wood basket in front of the AGA

Kelly, Polly and Woralls.
Scampi wants you to know that he is hibernating.  He has come down a few times, but is mostly living on a hot waterbottle, re-heated for him twice a day, on my bed.  Pixy hasn't appeared in photos, she's always busy-busy-busy.  I have only a very blurred one of her killing the rotating butterfly. 

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Not as bad as feared!

Leo had his stitches out and has a clean bill of health so far as tumours are concerned! he has been enjoying the summer weather, though not in the hotter parts of the day.  And here are some gratuitous photos of cats [and one tortoise]

Monday, 19 June 2017

Never ending gloom - sick Leo

Leo's left eye socket broke  open spraying pus, so we took him to the vet and it turns out that there was an infection in his jaw which went up.  it may be a tumour.  Please would all of Leo's fans pray for him that it's just infection  and that he may have more years in which to be pampered, he has had so much shit in his little life, he deserves a good break.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Welcome to our new disabled kittehs

We collected Mr Tom, and Monkey [who is going to learn a new name; I am not going to yell an insulting name longer than I have to, she's going to be Polly-Wolly-Doodle to go with Kelly's nickname Kelly-welly-doodle] from Heathrow, more journey for the poor babies.  Tom was not happy.
We brought them into the house in the crate to get used to people.

 as you can see there was some interest in them, and they stayed curled up together all night.  However when I opened the cage to clean out the mayhem of how the litter tray contents had transferred into their water and food bowls, out strolled Mr Tom followed by Polly.  So as they seemed to be getting on well with introducing themselves we put the cage down.  

"Hey! No fair, I can't get out of the bottom!"

it was a scorcher so we had the window open into the run, and Polly gave us a scare by disappearing, she turned out to be under the old palet we have in there for helping the less able ones to climb in and out. 
Then Mr Tom figured out the catflap and disappeared from the study.  There was no way he could get out so we didn't worry, and he turned up having found our bedroom.   He's playing least in sight at the moment, he had a very traumatic journey. Polly spent most of yesterday evening on my lap and is now assessing things from Saffron's old favourite place, the cupboard under the stairs.  Tom was eating dry food over night, and Polly comes for food.  They are not impressed because they are having to make do on a mix of Animonda and Felix because the 3 days delivery of Grau promise should have arrived on Friday and I'm not pleased with Zooplus over this.