Saturday, 15 October 2016

Saffron and the gang, overdue update

Saffron's lump came back so quickly, and the vet told us that it was not in a good place.  If it had been on her hip, removing the leg to get rid of it all would have been an option, but that as it was, they could not cut it out.  We were advised that these type of sarcomas cause no pain, but if she found it uncomfortable when it got really big we could look at pain killers, and otherwise pamper her for as long as she has. 
She has three lumps now which have grown pretty big, but she doesn't seem to notice. She sleeps on her left side as well as her right so they plainly don't trouble her.  She washes them as well as the rest of her, and she's back to her cuddly self.  Here are some gratuitous pictures of Saffron.

with Linnie

with Cecil

with Rosie.  the lump is plainly visible in this one. 

So what else is happening?  well the run is a hit, but I wish they wouldn't roll on the snack grass and kill it and then dig up and poop in the compost.  We've been outside with people on leads as often as we can, and Leo, who hates things going over his head has declared he is trustworthy without a lead.  He isn't that fast a mover, but he is now exploring all the garden and enjoying himself no end.  He has learned to go to the door and yell, but it doesn't always make the slaves obey.

Rebel likes the old rocking chair
Toddles ate right up to the end of September, he's now safely tucked away for the winter
I love this one of Dora
Worrals believes in comfort

and another one of Leo just because.  He's on the lead here, an earlier pic, but a nice one of him
So who isn't pictured?  Gypsy!  here's one of Gypsy with the butterfly toy we bought them [which Worrals nabbed, ran off with and broke a little bit in about 3 seconds!]  Note the shredded cardboard on the floor, from one of those perennially favoured toys, a box.
Onyx is a little elusive, but he has been coming downstairs, especially after we lit the stove
Scampi and Leila are not keen on photos.  However, Scampi sleeps all night on Simon, and Leila has been being brought down and is starting to accept having new territory.  She's still an ailurophobe though.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Saffron fans: not such good news

Close friends of Saffron know that she had a lump removed, which is a sarcoma of the type usually associated with the shoulder blades [sometimes called an injection site sarcoma].  Well, Dr Mark had a narrow margin of clear tissue around it, but it has come back.  If it had been where it originally appeared, on her flank by her leg, removal of the leg would have been an option, but it's over a rib, and this, apparently, is a no-can-do op.  We have been advised that to remove the new lump so soon would be unkind as it would likely be back again in another 6 weeks.
So, we are told she might have months, or she might have years, and as these lumps are rarely painful, she can live with a big lump for a long while.  And she has as long as she has.  So here are some random pics of Saffron, including her scar.

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Apologies for delay but here [finally] is the run ...

The run has been up for more than a month now, and I am sorry not to have posted pics before.  Life has been hectic, not least Saffron having a lump, which was removed and has come back.  Sadly it's over a rib and removing it is not a real option, Dr Jenny says.  We just love her for as long as she has.  Leo has had a dental and a tummy shave and handled the anaesthetic well.  He's been enjoying time in the garden on his lead; he finds the run rather challenging to get into [leaping off the windowsill to the ground or rather, having trouble getting up]

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Gratuitous pictures

This more or less needs a 'Janet and John' sort of caption:  See Rebel run.  Rebel can run.  Rebel can run fast.  Run, Rebel, run!
I wish they wouldn't scatter Leo's newspapers before getting on the wheel though. 

They aren't supposed to sit on the table, but Cecil declared he was busy matching the decor

it's hard enough trying to type over one love-bundle, but when two of them get in on the act... I still haven't fixed the cat cushions and climbing poles onto the windowsill.  Linnie and Cecil here

Leo approves of the divan.  This is his best side. 

Dora says "Don't Leave Me Out!"

"I'm Going to be in a Blog?"
"Yes, Gypsy."
"Will it hurt?"
"Oh.  All right then."

 "I can haz cuteness of the year award, yes?"

Yup, it's Linnie, on top of the cabinet.  And yes, if anyone was wondering, the board on the wall which runs right over the door is an original feature of our 1897 house, and used to have bells hung on it to ring for the servants.  Unfortunately the bells were no longer in place, but the wiring for them is still under the floorboards upstairs.  The cats say that mewing for service is more efficient anyway.

Rosie here with Dora and Leo, the population on the divan is fluid.

Saffron is being shy at the moment. Scampi is sleeping on his dad's bed but doesn't want a photo, Leila is still grumpy cat [she really needs a home with no other cats, she's an ailrophobe], Worrals is sleeping with me but disapproves of changes, Onyx is his usual shy but affectionate self  and that's the lot of them...